April 5, 2020

Sunday Content - April 5

Speaker: Scott C. Jones Series: Sunday Content - During COVID-19 Topic: Topical Passage: Luke 19:28–48

Reflection and Discussion

1.  During this past week’s Discipleship Course session, we were encouraged to create a rule of life specifically for this season. Discuss your rule of life and how it’s been going the last few days as you begin to set some new rhythms for connecting with Jesus in this season.

(For those unfamiliar with the concept of “rule of life”: this is an ancient church practice whereby you set up intentional rhythms of prayer, rest, relational connection, Biblical engagement, etc. in order to cultivate and sustain your relationship with Jesus and growth as a disciple. For more information, check out this past week’s Discipleship Course material, along with a suggested COVID-specific rule of life here.)

2.  In what ways have you felt your faith challenged this past week (fear, anxiety, doubt, disappointment, temptation, confusion, etc.)? How might the life of Jesus (specifically his tears and the fact that He is a “fellow sufferer”) encourage you in the challenges you’ve been facing?

3.  Embrace the invitation in this teaching to see this as the “time of your visitation.” Turn to God. Don’t just share prayer requests. Pray. Don’t just listen to worship. Pause and worship from your heart. Don’t merely discuss your need for God. Tell Him directly. Take this time to turn and “face” Jesus. Pray, worship, weep if you need to, be silent and expect Him to speak in the quiet. In whatever way seems most needed, take the next 10-15 minutes to truly go to Jesus.

Two possible options for this time:

  • Listen to this song (which we had recently begun to sing at JWell gatherings): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jUQt7htNwO0 After listening, bring your response to the truths of this song to Jesus in specific, honest prayer.
  • If you’re with someone else: share the thing you’re most reluctant to say aloud to God. Then pray that very thing to Him together.

4.  Read Psalm 34 aloud together to end your time.

  • Briefly share what word, phrase, image or truth stands out most to you and why?
  • End your time with grateful prayer to Jesus. Thank Him for His presence with you and his deep empathy with what you’re facing.


Scripture Practice for the Week

This week we will return to Philippians and simply read through the letter with (potentially/likely) “new eyes.” As you read, remember that Paul was imprisoned as he wrote these words. This book was written in the midst of deep crisis. As you read, note things that stand out/”read” differently in this crisis in your Scripture journal (or Bible). Suggestion: write your notes this week in a different color, as a lasting reminder of how Philippians spoke meaningfully (and distinctly) in the midst of this season.

DAY ONE: Philippians 1:1-18

DAY TWO: Philippians 1:19-30

DAY THREE: Philippians 2

DAY FOUR: Philippians 3

DAY FIVE: Philippians 4



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