April 12, 2020

Easter Sunday 2020

Speaker: Scott C. Jones Series: Sunday Content - During COVID-19 Topic: Biblical

Reflection + Discussion Questions

Jesus’ resurrection provides hope that evil, sin and death will not have the final word in the lives of God’s people. While this is ultimately true beyond the grave, we can also expect God to use our trials in this life for His purposes. While lament remains appropriate in this season, we must also find space to “Rejoice in the Lord.” After watching this video spend some time expressing gratitude for the ways you’ve seen God working in this crisis. Respond to the following:

1. What are you most grateful for in this quarantine?
2. What evidence is there that God is using this time for your good?

End your time in prayer together.


Scripture Practice for this Week

This week we will return to our practice of praying through the Psalms. Each day, read slowly through the assigned Psalm and pause when something – a word, a line, an image, a phrase, a truth – calls something to your heart or mind. Pray your response back to God. Work slowly, line-by-line and pray when something prompts you to do so.

This “songbook of God’s people” provides both language for expressing our frustration and comforting truth for our weary hearts in seasons of hardship. There may be no better place to “camp out” in the Scriptures during this time.

DAY ONE: Psalm 13
DAY TWO: Psalm 16
DAY THREE: Psalm 34:1-10
DAY FOUR: Psalm 34:11-22
DAY FIVE: Psalm 42 


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