Sunday Gathering at 10 a.m. 

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Mission Statement

Our mission as a community is simple and reflects some of the central ideas of Jesus. It reflects his commands for us to love God and our neighbor, as well as his sending his people to share good news with all people.

Jacob's Well is a Christian community which exists for the glory of God and the good of the city by extending hope through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Glory of God

We exist to reflect our creator in the world. Scripture teaches us that we are made in the image and likeness of God unique in all creation.  Our purpose is to know him, love him and worship him in relationship and reflect his glory in the world. Our path is to know him and make him known.

Relevant Passages: Isaiah 43:6,7, John 17, 2 Corinthians 4:1-18, Matthew 22:37, 38

Good of the City

Our lives are not to be solely given to people who believe the way we do, but for the good of all people. We desire to love and serve our community in a way that reflects the love of God. We pray that those who do not follow Jesus will see the reality of his kingdom through Jacob's Well.

Relevant Passages: Jeremiah 29:4-7, Isaiah 61:1-4, Matthew 22:39, 40

Hope through the Gospel

We believe that hope is birthed in our world by the gracious intervention of God. Instead of leaving us on a guilt trip and in isolation, God has offered forgiveness and reconciliation with Himself through Jesus. This good news, the gospel, brings us into a life changing relationship with God that satisfies our hearts and provides hope and renewal. We are restored to God by the gospel, are transformed by the gospel and we love others through the gospel.

Relevant Passages: John 4:1-44, Matthew 28:18-20


We hope to create a place in culture where people who are not particularly religious can find traction in a connection with God.

  • We don't take ourselves too seriously, but take God seriously
  • We like to laugh, yet we weep in suffering
  • We teach the Bible, yet into culture
  • We want to be a place of deepening Christians, doubters, skeptics and learners
  • We embrace depth and theology, but not bookish uselessness 
  • We embrace both thinking and feeling
  • We welcome the stranger and encourage the friend
  • We want to be full of Jesus
  • We don't have all the answers, but have confidence in truth