Sunday Gathering at 10 a.m. 

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Parking on Sundays

In order to minimize congestion in the parking lot we are going to park in an orderly fashion on Sunday mornings. On Sundays we will use the south driveway to the facility as the parking entry way. We would like everyone to make a right turn into the parking lot. For those coming from Route 1 see the special Sunday directions. Upon entry we will park to the right and fill in sequentially around the building. If weather is bad you may pull into the front as you enter in order to drop off family/children at the front porch.

Entering The 27

We have designed the building with two primary entry ways on Sunday mornings. The front entrance and lobby will be designated the family entrance and should be utilized by people with children being checked in to our WellKIDs ministry. All others will use the door at the back southeast corner of the building adjacent to the playground. This entry enters directly into our main lobby and gathering space.


Parking Map - Engineering Drawing.JPG


The 27 - A Guide to our Facility