Sunday Gathering at 10 a.m. 

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SML at the 27 - April Dates - GS Size

Each week, we will be opening registration for Sunday Morning Live at the 27 on a limited basis, by last name, as outlined above.  The gathering (which will begin at 10am as usual) will simultaneously be streamed via Zoom (as usual).  This format will allow us to begin (partially) gathering again while also continuing to operate safely.

We are very excited to be able to see one another live, begin serving together again, and to take communion regularly as a gathered body.  Please use this link to register the week before the Sunday you'll be attending (according to last name).  If the link is not working then the registration is already closed because we are at capacity. 


What to Expect on the Sunday you're attending:

1) Registration - we ask that you register as soon as possible for the Sunday you'll attend (you can begin registering when invited to do so during the prior Sunday's gathering).  We will close the registration when we are at full capacity for our space.  If you have a different last name than someone in your household, you can sign up together (just pick one week that corresponds to one of your last names and register for that week).

2) Arrival + Parking - please arrive by 9:45am on Sunday and park anywhere in the parking lot. If you signed up with a roomate/family member, please arrive together so we can seat you together.

3) Entrance - enter through the back of the building (by the playground).  We will not have the front (WellKIDS entrance) open for entry.  We will check you in with a temperature check and brief health screening.  A member of the Connect team will then seat you so that we can ensure proper social distancing. 

4) Masks - we will require you to wear your mask (please wear a surgical, double cloth or KN95 mask) at all times when you're at Sunday Morning Live at the 27.  We would love to help protect those most vulnerable around us.  

5) Children - please bring them!  We do need to include them in the count though, so please do make sure you indicate the correct number of adults and children when you register.  If you'd like to bring coloring sheets, books, snacks, anything to keep them occoupied - please feel free to do so.


*We do ask if you or anyone in your household is not feeling weel, has recently had COVID-19 OR if you've been exposed to someone who has, that you refrain from joining us at the 27.  We will continue to provide the Zoom link for anyone who is home for any reason. 

SML at the 27 - GS Size - NO dates