Sunday Gathering at 10 a.m. 

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Sunday Content for May 24

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Liturgical Content for May 24

Reflection + Discussion Questions

  1. Over the next four weeks, we will engage God through the Psalms, specifically with our fears, pain, failures and doubts. Which of those most characterizes your experience of this season: fear (anxiety, dread), pain (isolation, depression, sadness), failures (sin, temptation, escape), or doubt (resentment, bitterness, questioning God)?
  1. Read aloud together one of the Psalms we’ll be discussing. Choose one: Psalm 3, 22, 130, or 73. What words or phrases resonate with you and why? Does anything in this Psalm surprise you? How so?
  1. Jesus clearly immersed himself in the Psalms throughout his life. What is significant about that to you?
  1. Now move into prayer together. Read the Psalm from #2 slowly to yourself and allow it to shape the “what” and “how” of your spoken prayer. Take your time with this process. If you’re praying with someone else, take turns and allow silence as you work your way slowly through the Psalm.


WellKIDS Content

Watch the video with your children entitled "Jesus' Baptism".  There are questions underneath that you can use to reflect and discuss with them.

WellKIDS Reflection + Discussion Questions (choose a few that apply to the ages of your children)

1. Where did John the Baptist live?

2. What did John do when people said they were sorry for their sins?

3. What did Jesus ask John to do?

4. What happened when John baptized Jesus?

5. How did John respond at first to Jesus' request for baptism?

6. Does baptism save us?

7. Why is baptism important?

8. When should someone be baptized?

9. Where do we see the Trinity - the three Persons of God - in today's Bible story?

10. Why does obedience to God bring him glory?


Scripture Practice for this Week

Engaging the Psalms

Throughout this series we will provide various ways for you to encounter God through the Psalms. This week begin your journey in this book by reading, highlighting, marking up, and/or praying through some of the more familiar Psalms. You may even consider getting the “Psalms Scripture Journal” or a Psalms-only volume to use throughout our extended time in the Psalms.

DAY ONE: Psalm 1

DAY TWO: Psalm 23

DAY THREE: Psalm 34

DAY FOUR: Psalm 121

DAY FIVE: Psalm 150