Sunday Gathering at 10 a.m. 

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Sermon Content for July 26


Sermon Reflection + Discussion Questions

1. What is a time in the past where God has provided for you? How can that help you when you are in a “Negeb Desert” season?

2. What does the New Testament say about remembering what God has done for us? What does Jesus say? Paul? Peter?John?


WellKIDS Content

There are two videos to pick from for WellKIDS today. The first video is for families with young kids who cannot read yet and the second video is for families with kids of different ages. 

Both videos have the kids learn about how Jesus healed 10 men. The videos include worship, a bible story, discussion questions for the kids, and an activity to do independently. At the end of both videos are family discussion questions that you can do together after church is over.
Needed materials:
- Paper
- Items to draw/color with
- Device to watch the video

Little Kids: