The greatest bondage that grips the human race is the on eto sin and selfishness. This separates us from the one true God, who made us to be free from bondage and to live with Him, yet we choose to walk our own way and, to varying degrees, become enslaved to our worldly appetites ans we trust in man and in our own strength.

God has reached down to us in Jesus, who conquered death to set us free from our bondage to sin and decay. Now people from all nations who trust in the Lord are set free from their own bondage to sin and decay and united under one banner.

And though Jesus came to proclaim freedom to the captives, there is still very real captivity, oppression and bondage in this world. Refugees are driven from their homes, men and women mistreated because of skin color an dehumanization in the name of personal pleasure.

As Christians set free from our own bondage we are now free to and should fight for the freedom of others who are oppressed in very tangible ways, being the hands of Jesus.

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