The Psalms have been referred to as the hymnbook of God’s people. They are a collection of songs written from the hearts of those who have walked with God through trials, joy, suffering, victory and pain. Over the next few months, Jacob’s Well will be traveling through this book, exploring the depths and heights of Israel’s story as they sought to remain faithful to God. We will learn about worship and prayer, and we will learn how to become more faithful followers of Jesus.

Because the Psalter is a book of praise and worship to God, we thought it would be great to hear from a few of our worship leaders on how the Psalms have directly impacted them and their ministry. Over the next few months we will hear from some of our musicians about their favorite Psalms and how this book has influenced them personally, spiritually, creatively and musically. Stay tuned as WellThought engages with this beautiful book of worship as understood through the eyes of our worship leaders.