As Pastor Scott shared with us last week (listen here), gifts are activated when we interact with them. God has given us much by the power of his Spirit, and we experience those gifts in greater measure as we fan into flame what he has given. Lent also functions in this way. Lent serves as a gift in our yearly calendar and as an invitation to prepare our hearts for God to work. Easter usually zooms by in a flurry of activity, but Lent gives us the opportunity to slow down and allow God to speak in such a way that we can really listen.

The Good Friday service is one of my favorite gatherings at Jacob’s Well. Every year, I experience a fresh reminder of Jesus’ suffering for my sin. I am deeply convicted about my stubborn heart, and overwhelmed by the depth of God’s grace to me in a unique and powerful way. I look forward to that evening every year because it is good for my soul. But I need to experience the repentance that God invites me to on a regular basis. This is where Lent is an invitation. Praying for God to move in my heart over an extended season allows him to patiently and persistently reveal areas of my life that need to be turned over fully to him.

Over the course of the next 6 weeks, we invite you to set aside Friday as a day to remind our own hearts of our dependence on God by fasting. Since we just finished our annual church-wide fast this week, we’ll begin together next Friday. Throughout Lent, we’ll post a reflection on Friday from one of our staff members that will encourage us to go before God in humility and consider the things he has called us to as a church.

For those new to fasting, Pastor Scott has posted a great overview on fasting here. Please note the practical considerations and ask God how he would have you prepare your heart before him. My prayer for our church in this season is that we would seek the Lord and experience his response to the prayers of his people. Jacob’s Well, may we “taste and see that the Lord is good (Ps. 34:8)” as we seek his face together.