Sunday Gathering at 10 a.m. 

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Week 2

Summer Sessions GS - final
We desire for our community to be known for our pursuit of breaking barriers to encounter Jesus together. We serve the God of justice, so Christians must pursue justice. This week we want to engage in conversations about race and racism and consider how we as Christians are called to respond. A couple weeks ago we posted a few resources. Now we want to challenge you to pick up a resource and engage in conversation with your CCG. 
We recommend the first five minutes of 13th (on Netflix) and the clip from 1:22:00-1:26:00. Invite one another to have a conversation about the resources we’ve posted using these two questions: 1. Given how race has informed so much of the ways our society has structured itself, in what ways does race play a role in your life? 2. How do you believe Jesus calls us to respond to our history as a country and the current day manifestations of racism?