Sunday Gathering at 10 a.m. 

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Our gathering on Sunday morning is fairly simple.  We hang for a bit to greet friends old and new.  We typically sing to celebrate who God is and what he has done for us and we learn from the teaching of the Scriptures.  We usually close our gathering together in a simple celebration of Jesus known as the Lord's Supper (Table, Eurcharist, etc) and sing a couple more songs.  We have age appropriate learning opportunities for our kids but encourage the older kids to worship with the church during the first music set.

Dress is casual or however you like and our music style is a blend of theologically rich songs and contemporary stuff.  We utilize technology in our services but not for its own sake; our gatherings are focused on Jesus and the Scriptures not putting on a laser light show.  We serve in various ways to help out on Sunday and more hands are always welcomed. More information about helping out on Sundays may be found here.

More than anything we enjoy gathering together as a community and invite all to join us.  Our gathering times and directions can be found here