At Jacob's Well, we know that we cannot do it alone and so we value partnering with local, national and global organizations to help us accomplish the mission of Jesus. We are committed to generously investing in Gospel-centered efforts around the globe. As part of that commitment, we give 20% of all internal giving to the external organizations below.

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Global Mission



Paul Helms was part of the core group that helped plant Jacob's Well in 2008. He met and married his wife Abby while on staff here at Jacob's Well. Years after moving, they felt the call to be a part of church planting in Paris, France by serving with Emmanuel International Church and their vision to establish “communities of light in and around the City of Lights.” Paul currently serves as lead pastor of EIC Ternes which meets near the Arc de Triomphe. They are also working alongside other leaders in this family of churches to support new plants in the Paris region in the coming years.



The Gospel Underground exists to advance the mission of God in the borderlands between church and culture. They support and strengthen churches, share good news with the coming generation, and thoughtfully engage the culture with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This organization was started and is run by our founding pastor, Reid Monaghan.

Gospel Underground-Monaghan Family Photo


We support the Kaberamaido Education Fund. The town of Kaberamaido, located in Eastern Uganda, is unassuming, like any rural town, with it’s one main street of shops and open air market. Kaberamaido CarePoint sits just on the edge of town, within walking distance (1-4 km) for many of the children in the program. As children at the CarePoint grow older, the cost of their education increases. Sponsorship funds alone are not able to cover 100% of the cost of school fees and materials/supplies. Education Funds supplement the cost of secondary and vocational education for older children at the CarePoint.

The children are single or double orphans and many of their parents are victims of malaria, HIV/AIDs, or civil warfare. The program coordinators serve as if they were ‘Aunts and Uncles’ to the children, taking care of their needs as they arise. As the children have grown, the main focus is on higher-level education and skill training, with the goal of self-sufficiency in mind.  Shown below are the program coordinators, Amos and Dorcus.

HopeChest Uganda-Partners-Amos and Dorcus, Program Coordinators

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Church Planting

Santei + Amanda Di Leonardo

Santei di Leonardo is half Italian and half Filippino and grew up in Italy for the first 8 years of his life before moving to the USA. The Lord saved him in college and called him back to Italy to minister to his people. Amanda is of Italian descent and in college she studied abroad in Italy and was broken hearted over the spiritual condition of the Italian people. She felt called to one day return to Italy to minister there.

Santei and Amanda met in Salerno, Italy in 2017 serving together in a local church and got married in 2019. Shortly after, Amanda got cancer and the Di Leonardos had to stay in the USA on medical leave. Now that Amanda is better the Di Leonardos will return to Italy, but this time to Bologna. They will be serving alongside a local church and be involved in a recovery and sports ministry.


The Advance Initiative

There exists both great need and great gospel opportunity among the South Asian community around the world. The aim of Advance is to call, empower, and equip Christian leaders across the globe to give their lives to advancing the gospel, particularly through healthy ministry in the local church and the planting of multiplying churches.

The Advance Initiative is led by Ajay Thomas, a friend of our church for many years who planted Seven Mile Road Church in Philadelphia around the same time Jacob’s Well was being planted.

Advance Intiative-Partner-Ajay Thomas


Iglesia Anhelo

Iglesia Anhelo is an Acts 29, Spanish speaking church plant in Fairview, NJ dedicated to an explicit focus on the Gospel in all that is preached, taught, and practiced.  Eddie Zaldana is the lead pastor of Iglesia Anhelo and a long-time friend of our church (he also happens to be Pastor Obed Aviles' cousin). 



Acts 29

Our church is affiliated with the Acts 29 Network, which exists to build a unifying and an uncommon alliance of smaller networks to advance the mission of Jesus through churches planting churches. We are planting churches that are missionaries in their respective communities sent by Jesus with the gospel (John 20:21). It is our commitment to focus our efforts on planting multiplying churches and training leaders.


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Local Mission


Athlete's in Action (AIA) helps students become better athletes and people by supporting the growth of their relationship with Jesus. Through Bible studies and personal relationships in the athletic facilities, AIA is able to create a unique relationship with Rutgers athletes. We support both Tyler and Allison Stowell, the lead campus ministers, and the Rutgers AIA program.



Previously Campus Crusade for Christ, this international organization has a mission to win, build and send Christ-centered multiplying disciples. We help support Marc and Alyssa Stasio, leaders in the central NJ area, who connect to local colleges and universities.




Young Life is a relational ministry where adults care deeply about the lives of kids - the challenges they're facing, the victories they're celebrating, and most of all, how they engage with God.  We're happy to partner with YoungLife as they invest deeply into the lives of high school and college students in the area. The two closest groups are in North Brunswick, led by Bryan Grosvenor, and Rutgers Metro, directed by Luke Waltermire.

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YoungLives, a division of YoungLife, exists to serve teen moms and extend the love of Christ to them. The YoungLives ministry in New Brunswick, NJ began in October 2020 and is currently led by Amy Freyberger.  

YoungLives - Partners - Photo Collage


Each month, we allocate a portion of all the support we receive toward helping those in need in our communities, both the Jacob's Well community and the greater North Brunswick community. This includes helping with rent, bills, food, counseling and whatever is needed.

This giving is overseen by a board of deacons appointed by the elders. The Diaconate is currently facilitated by Patricia Guevara and Tim Dees.

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