February 4, 2018


Speaker: Scott C. Jones Topic: Default Passage: John 4:1–10

Jacob’s Well: Our Name and Vision

     The Story of Jacob’s Well (John 4)

          Breaking Barriers to Encounter Jesus Together

     The (Current) Vision of Jacob’s Well

          Relational Discipleship

           Pursuing Life in Multi-Ethnic Community

     Looking Ahead

          Previewing the Next Season at Jacob’s Well

Discipleship group questions

Launching questions

  • Read John 4:3-30. Read it slowly and consider stopping after every four or five verses. Given the significance of this story to our community’s identity, what stands out to you as you read? What surprises you? What haven’t you noticed before? What stands out each time you read this?


  • Can you see evidence of shame keeping you from God and/or community in your own story? How so? Be as specific as possible about how this dynamic has operated in your own life and if/how God has broken that barrier to encounter you. Put another way, in what ways do you resonate with the woman at the well’s experience of God?


  • Honestly evaluate your own pursuit of relational discipleship and multi-ethnic community. How are you personally progressing in these areas? What might it look like to take steps forward in these areas this upcoming “semester” both individually and as a group?
  • End your time by praying for one another and the things you've just shared.