September 27, 2009

What Jesus Said at Jacob's Well

Speaker: Reid S. Monaghan Series: Let Jesus Speak Topic: Biblical Passage: John 4:1–4:42

Jesus entered the life of a Samaritan woman at Jacob's Well by engaging her in conversation about simple matters in life.  He crossed racial, religious and cultural prejudices in order to meet here at her deepest point of need. She needed more than water to drink; she needed the grace and forgiveness of God. 

What do we see in this story?

Good and Bad People

  • Far too often we think that we have to make ourselves a good people and that God would then approve of us. Here we see Jesus reach out to a broken sinful person in order to transform her life.

God interacts with people, in real places, around the normal courses of life

  • Jesus began a conversation of deep significance with a simple request: "Give me a drink"  In reality, the Samaritan woman's spiritual thirst is what needed to be satisfied.

  God doesn’t avoid Your Sin – He goes right at it…

  • Jesus puts his finger right upon the area of deepest hurt and sin in this woman’s life.  He does this so that she sees her deepest needs. We must realize that both grace and forgiveness always precedes true life ransformation.

Through One Life, God Transforms Many

  • Jesus one life impacted many yet the amazing fact is that through the testimony of his followers billions of lives have been transformed.  God has chosen to use his people in the lives of others so that no life is insignifant when used in his hands.

Questions for Communtiy Meditation...

  • Do you think your life is too messed up for God to care about you?
  • Do you think you have no need of God and that you are just fine and without sin? Double check with your spouse or some friends just in case.
  • God connected with the Samaritan woman through her area of sin and brokenness?  Could God be getting your attention today? In troubled relationships? In your addictions? Is it in your finances? Your health?
  • Who do you look down on in the world? If Jesus did not act like he was better than this woman, what are you doing?
  • How can you serve others and help them understand a relationship with Jesus through the gospel?
  • Read Luke 19:1-10 for next week.



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