Sunday Gathering at 10 a.m. 

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Practical Wisdom and the Fear of the Lord

November 21, 2010 Speaker: Reid S. Monaghan Series: Chasing the Wind - Ecclesiastes

Topic: Exposition Scripture: Ecclesiastes 8:1–8:17

Recount and Summary

Around the Campfire with the Preacher



Two Types of Wisdom

  1. Practical Wisdom
  2. Ultimate Wisdom

Some Thoughts from Immanuel Kant (1724-1804)

Practical Wisdom and the Fear of the Lord

Ecclesiastes 8:1–17

An Inclusio on Wisdom…

Living with Kings (verses 1-9)

On dealing with the powerful—Matthew 10:16-20

On Judgment  (verses 10-13)


Vanity of Injustice (verse 14)


Joy among the Vanities (verse 15)

Right among the preachers observations of vanities...I COMMEND JOY!!!


The Limits of Human Wisdom (verses 16-17)


Summary of the Preacher’s Thoughts on Wisdom










Community Meditation Questions

  • The Preacher gives an example of dealing wisely with a powerful King. A relationship with authority requires wisdom. Have you made mistakes in the past responding to authority where you could have exercised more wisdom? Walked well in a difficult situation?
  • Read Matthew 10:16-20. What “powerful people” in your life do you need to walk with in wisdom, shrewdness and courage?
  •  Read Ecclesiastes 8:10-14. Discuss the difference between immediate/human justice and eternal divine/justice. How does God’s justice show us our need for the gospel? In the face of evil doing, why is God’s justice an essential part of the good news?
  •  When you do not know the future do you tend towards worry/despair or faith/trust? If God knows and holds the future, how secure are we as we travel through this life?  Read Jesus’ promise in John 16:33 to one another.

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