Sunday Gathering at 10 a.m. 

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Living for the Glory of God

September 23, 2012 Speaker: Reid S. Monaghan Series: DNA - Our Flow at Jacob's Well

Topic: Topical Scripture: John 17:1–17:10

Quick Review

DNA --> Flow


Mission Statements


Why and What?


A Fine Example from Dunder Mifflin


Our Mission: Jacob's Well is a Christian Community (church) which exists for the GLORY of God and the GOOD of the city by extending hope through the GOSPEL of Jesus Christ.


The Glory of God


We hunger for glory and worship

Glory too small...Romans 1:18-23


Jesus Leads us in Glorifying God - John 17:1-10


Knowing Jesus, Knowing God (Verses 1-3)


Jesus Glorifies the Father, the Father Glorifies Jesus (Verses 4,5)


We Follow and Glorify Jesus (Verses 6-10)

  • The reason God saves sinners
  • In all our spheres of life
  • Globally and eternally



The Down-Down


We Must See God as Most Glorious


We Must See that God is Glorified in the Gospel



Community Meditation Questions

Growing in Knowledge

  • Jesus is LORD so we want to follow him and live his mission. How is his mission expressed in the great commandments (Matt 22:37-40) and great commission (Matthew 28:18-20)?
  • Why is it is right for God to seek his own glory and praise? Why is it wrong for people to do this? How is living to glorify God good for people?

Feeling Life Deeply

  • Have you ever felt joy about something to the point you were so excited that it felt like worship? How can we enjoy things in this life yet not turn them into an idol?

Living with Courage

  • Share some ways you have seen God glorified in your home, in the church and in your community?Have you thought through a mission statement for your life or your family that reflects your unique gifts and calling? What are you working towards together?

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