Sunday Gathering at 10 a.m. 

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House Builders

March 22, 2015 Speaker: Dean Macke Series: The King's Speech

Topic: Exposition Scripture: Matthew 7:24–7:27

The King's Speech - House Builders from Jacobs Well

Review and Introduction


     The end of the sermon


Two types of people



             Both heard the words of Jesus (Matthew 7:24, 26)
             Both built houses after hearing (Matthew 7:24, 26)
             Both faced the storm (Matthew 7:25, 27)


     Distinctions (Matthew 7:24, 26)

             Wise vs. Foolish
             Doing vs. Not Doing
             Building on rock vs. Building on sand


     Two outcomes (Matthew 7:25, 27)

             Weathering the storm
             A mighty fall


The foundation

     We must be hearers


     We must be doers


Community Meditations


  • What are the implications of building a house on the bedrock in the days of Jesus. See Luke 6:46 for a parallel.
  • Look back over The King’s Speech (Matthew 5-7) and find the things Jesus says to do. Do they differ from the things you think a Christian should do? If so, how?
  • How do you see the relationship between the Sunday Gathering and your Missional Community in the parable?


  • Do you feel like you have a tendency to hear more than do, or to do more than hear? If so, how do you feel toward the lesser one?
  • How does the parable make you think differently about how a Christian acts?
  • How does the word obedience make you feel? Uncomfortable? Safe? Joyful? What emotions come to mind when you think of obeying someone else? God?


  • How can your Missional Community help you do the words of Jesus?
  • What teachings does your community need to see lived by you?

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