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His Better Angels: Angels, Ministering Spirits

April 19, 2015 Speaker: Reid S. Monaghan Series: Angels and Demons

Topic: Topical Scripture: Hebrews 1

Angels and Demons: His Better Angels from Jacobs Well

Review and introduction


     Why talk about Angels and Demons?


His better angels


     Cultural Representations


     Team God


The role of Angels


     1 Corinthians 6:3, 1 Peter 1:10-12


Ministering Spirits—Hebrews 1


     Jesus is Greater (verse 1-4)


     Here’s Why (verse 5-13)


     Where Angels Chose to Tread (verse 14)


Help from God


Community Meditations


  • 1 Peter 1:10-12 shows a contrast between people and angels. What do you glean from this? Why might the angels long to look into things that have been revealed for us?
  • Hebrews 1 and 2 shows us that angels help humanity fulfill the purpose for which we were created? What is it that they help us with? Read also Revelation 5. What do we see from the angels in and heavenly hosts that shows the true purpose for which all of creation exists?


  • Do you feel a need to ask God for help? What are the means God uses to help us in our time of need? List many. Would you have included angels if you made the list six months ago?


  • If you do not control and command the angels, why should you even care to be aware of them?


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