December 18, 2011

Joy - Joy To The World

Speaker: Reid S. Monaghan Series: Unveiling Advent Topic: Topical Passage: Luke 2:8–2:10

Advent Virtues

Joy is not is unusual and surprising


JOY - Joy to the world

* In the beginning was Watts


* Joy to the World


Great Joy for All the People

Luke 2:8-10


* The Lord is Come


* Let Earth Receive Her King


Psalm 98:4-6


* No More Sins and Sorrows


Psalm 98:7-9; Revelation 22:1-5


Peace with God, being loved by God and having hope arise from faith in God leads us into an inexpressible joy...


Strength and Joy

Nehemiah 8



Community Meditation

Growing In Knowledge

* Read together Romans 12:9-21 and work on the following questions together.

 – How do you respond to others when they seem to be very joyful and you are just bummed out?

– If someone is struggling with deep sadness, how can you serve them? What is NOT helpful in these times?


Feeling Life Deeply

* How does joy express itself through your personality? Is it loud? Quiet and peaceful?

* Share a time when you sensed “the joy of the Lord” being your strength?


Living  With Courage

* Read the story of the ancient revival in Nehemiah 8:1-12.  Why were the people so broken? What were they reminded of that day? Discuss why joy must arise out of seeking God and not simply seeking joy.





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