February 12, 2012

Team Jesus

Speaker: Reid S. Monaghan Series: Passion - The Gospel of Mark Topic: Exposition Passage: Mark 3:1–3:19

Review and Introduction

On Teams


Mark 3:1-19

The Heart of the Team? Verses 1-6


  • Neutrals
  • Stoked
  • Haters


If you lead anything, people are watching…

Crowd? No, a GREAT crowd! Verses 7-12



Team Jesus – Picking Teams Verses 13, 14



The Starting Twelve Verses 16-19


Community Meditation Questions

Growing in knowledge

  • A religious attitude says: “I am concerned about keeping all the rules, just right in my own strength.”  Jesus calls us to love God and love others.  How does he exhibit this in the healing story? Why was he so pissed about the Scribes?

Feeling life deeply

  • Do you ever feel “unworthy” to be used by God? What makes a women or man usable to him?  What do some of the stories of the APOSTLES tell us about the kind of people God can use in his mission?

Living  with courage

  • In calling his disciples there are three things mentioned in Mark  3:14, 15: 1) They would be with Jesus 2) Be sent out by Jesus with the gospel 3) Sent in the Authority of Jesus. How do each of these effect your daily life? How do they effect what you do with your time? How you see your calling in the world?

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