June 24, 2012

All In

Speaker: Series: Passion - The Gospel of Mark Topic: Exposition Passage: Mark 10:32–10:52



Mark 10:32-52


Predicting the Future (v32-34)

Let me remind you (again)…


Self-Service vs. Self-Sacrifice (v35-45)


Honor and Glory vs. Servanthood

All In...


Eye Sight and Insight (v46-52)

Stopping for Others



Along the Road or On the Way?

Harassed, Helpless - Matt 9:35-38

Having a Servant Heart


For Community Meditation

Growing in Knowledge

  • Jesus again predicts his death and resurrection. Why does he keep reminding them?
  • In what ways does blind Bartimaeus "see" more than the disciples and the crowd? Where have you 'seen' things but not really perceived/understood?

Feeling Life Deeply

  • Who or what in your life causes you to stop?
  • If Jesus were to ask you, "What do you want me to do for you?" How would you answer?
  • Are you afraid to live for his glory, serving others and not being about your own greatness?

Living with Courage

  • Who are the marginalized people in your sphere of influence? How can you help point them to 'the way'?

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