Sunday Gathering at 10 a.m. 

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December 16, 2012 Speaker: Reid S. Monaghan Series: eXL - Expanding the Gospel

Topic: Biblical Scripture: Exodus 6:1–6:13

Enter the Story—Exodus 3 - 6


God’s Identity , God’s Provision, the Struggle (Exodus 3-5)

What will God do?


I am GOD and I will SAVE


Just Watch (Exodus 6:1-2)


Don’t Forget (Exodus 6:2-5)


Remind my People (Exodus 6:6-8)


Discouragement (Exodus 6:9)


Promise (Exodus 6:10)


Their Story, Our Story

  • God’s Character
  • God’s Promise
  • Sure Redemption


Community Meditation

Growing in Knowledge

  • Encourage your community to read through Exodus 4 together. What were Moses’ excuses for not wanting to follow through with God’s plan?
  • How can knowing God’s character and his promises overcome fear of people and our own inadequacies?
  • Read the rather odd story in Exodus 4:24-26 and discuss why the stipulations of a covenant are so important. What is our responsibility in the New Covenant? Read John 6:25-34 and discuss.

Feeling Life Deeply

  • FAITH—what makes it difficult to trust other people? How does this make trusting God difficult?

Living with Courage

  • In Exodus 5 the circumstances for God’s people actually became more difficult on the edge of redemption. Remember the graphic of the open door. Why is it important to keep moving forward in faith even when today seems dark? What is the light at the end of every tunnel for a believer?

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