March 17, 2013

Day of Atonement - Bring Two Goats

Speaker: Reid S. Monaghan Series: eXL - Expanding the Gospel Topic: Biblical Passage: Leviticus 16:1–16:34




Super Bowl of Sacrifices



Houston, we have a Problem


One Main Problem

What’s wrong with the world? I am - GK Chesterton



Two Massive Manifestations

  1. Shame
  2. Guilt



The Day of Atonement


People, Priest, Place


Two Goats




Community Meditation

Growing in Knowledge

  • Expiation, the doctrine of Jesus taking away our guilt for our sins, and propitiation, Jesus turning aside the wrath of God’s judgment for our sins are both prefigured in the Day of Atonement. Do you tend to focus on one or the other? What are the dangers in neglecting either?

Feeling Life Deeply

  • Are you carrying shame for something you have done or that has been done to you? Do you believe that Jesus can take this away? Read Psalm 103:1-14 and Micah 7:18-20. Pray through these passages together.
  • One of the metaphors used in the Bible by God for his atoning work is “washing us clean” (See Psalm 51). If God sees us as “clean” in Jesus Christ, how should we see ourselves? Why do we often still condemn ourselves? Sing together the hymn “Jesus Paid it All” Complete words online here:

Living with Courage

  • Do we regularly confess our sins and experience God’s grace and mercy? Read 1 John 1:5-10.
  • Freedom: If the line, “no guilt in life, no fear in death” in the hymn “In Christ Alone” is true, what could God do with your life if you fully submitted it to him?

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