Sunday Gathering at 10 a.m. 

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The James Identity

January 5, 2014 Speaker: Reid S. Monaghan Series: Build: The Book of James

Topic: Exposition Scripture: James 1:1–1:1

The James Identity


What’s in a Name - James 1:1


James - Pastor, Brother, Witness


James - A Servant



Greetings to the 12 Tribes in Dispersion


Shout out to whom?


Shout out for what?



Build in Wisdom


Build - Matthew 7:24-27


By Living it - James 1:22, 23



Community Meditation Questions



  • How is James’ life a testimony to the deity of Jesus Christ?
  • Jesus concludes his famous “sermon on the mount” with a discussion of house building. What does he teach us with his two houses?
  • Read Jesus’ sermon on the mount out loud together. Does Jesus focus on believing or doing? How are the two related?


  • James saw himself as a “servant/slave/bondservant” of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ. Would your heart have resisted making your 1/2 brother, your “Lord”? Discuss the strength of the word used here for servant and how this shapes our lives as followers of Jesus.


  • Building involves planning, intentionality and focus over time? Are you building a life or simply drifting along within your life?
  • How are busyness, distraction and lack of life-examination enemies of building our lives upon the words of Jesus?

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