October 18, 2015

Disciple: A Better Gospel

Speaker: James Fields Series: Disciple - Maturing in Faith with Timothy Topic: Exposition Passage: 1 Timothy 1:12–17



     The Law is good; if it is used lawfully.


          MISSION: Timothy – remain in Ephesus _____________ false teachers, _______________ good doctrine
           MOTIVE: Paul/Timothy – Aim is _______________


     The Law is good; the Gospel is __________________!                

          MODEL: The ________________ Gospel (v. 11)




     The Gospel begins and ends with ___________________ towards God (v.12,17)


     The Gospel ___________ in nine words: “Christ Jesus ____________ into the world to save sinners” (v.15)


     Three Blessings that Paul experienced

          He has given me ____________________
          He has considered me ___________________
          He has appointed me to ____________________




     I once was…

          Three words to describe what he had been:
               A ______________________
               A ______________________
               A ______________________


          Paul’s plea of _________________ was not a claim to _____________ nor an excuse denying his ___________ before God and others. Yet, Paul received __________________ He acted in __________________ (13b) Faith of others in the _______________ (16)




     The content of the gospel is ________________ and ______________________


     The offer of the gospel is ___________________


     The _______________________ of the gospel is that Christ came to save sinners.

          While the law is meant for the ________________ of sinners; the gospel is meant for the _________________ of sinners.


     The application of the gospel is ____________________.




     He addresses God as being ________________________

          Described by four ___________________
               Eternal: He is beyond the fluctuations of ___________________
               Immortal: He is beyond the ravages of _________________ and _________________
               Invisible: He is beyond the limits of every __________________
               Only God: He is ______________; no one ___________________ with Him




  • Explain the gospel in one sentence.
  • Paul's life was dramatically changed by his encounter with Christ on the road to Damascus. What is one area in your life that has changed, or that you would like to see change, as a result of knowing Jesus?
  • What is the value of remembering what you were before you were saved? Conversely, what is the danger in not realizing the seriousness of your previous sinful state?


  • On a daily basis, is it hard or is it easy to recognize God's grace in your life? Why or why not?
  • What role did God's grace play into your salvation? What role did you play? Do your previous answers correspond to biblical descriptions of salvation? If so, how/in what ways?
  • Have you ever been stirred or have you ever been overwhelmed by thoughts of God's grace in your life? If so, when and in what ways?


  • As a result of today's sermon has your understanding of the Gospel changed? If so, how? If not, why not?
  • In your life, what types of study, meditation, or worship produces the greatest response of adoration and praise towards God? What type of testimonies, stories or news about God working in other people's lives produces the greatest response of adoration and praise towards Him?
  • We all, like Paul have a spiritual history which is uniquely our own. Take some time to outline your own spiritual journey. Share it with your Missional Community.

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