Sunday Gathering at 10 a.m. 

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Seeking Justice & Mercy, Part 1

May 15, 2016 Speaker: Scott C. Jones Series: Faithful to the Core

Topic: Topical Scripture: Isaiah 1:14–1:17



Faithful to the Core


Living the Gospel Story



Priority of Justice and Mercy

God’s Concern for the Poor & Disdain for the Oppressor
Lev 19, Deut 15, Isaiah 1 & 58, James 2 & 5

Purpose of Justice and Mercy

Shalom Lost & Restored
Jeremiah 29, Luke 4, Rev 21

Power for Justice and Mercy

The Gospel and Social Action
1 John 3:16-17




  • Read Isaiah 58. Why do you think God is so disgusted by religious observance that’s separated from seeking justice and mercy? What ideally is the relationship between religious observance and good works?
  • Read Matthew 25:31-46. Why do you think Jesus so deeply identifies with the poor? Why is it that loving and serving the hungry and marginalized is equated with serving Jesus directly?


  • Read 1 John 3:16-17. How is Christ’s love for us, especially on the cross, both our model for service to others and our empowerment for that service? What most often keeps you from seeking justice and mercy? How might the gospel provide what’s needed to overcome those obstacles?


  • What practical steps could you take this week to more intentionally move toward the vision of Rev 21:4? What might this look like in your MC, within the wider community in which you live or even at your place of work?



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