Sunday Gathering at 10 a.m. 

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Psalms as Narrative

July 10, 2016 Speaker: Scott C. Jones Series: Playlist - Sampling the Psalms

Topic: Topical Scripture: Psalm 1:1– 2:12



The Power of Story

The Story of the Psalms

Book 1: Ps. 1-41

Book 2: Ps. 42-72

Book 3: Ps. 73-89

Book 4: Ps. 90-106

Book 5: Ps. 107-150

Our Stories and The Story

The Story of Jesus





  • Review the story of the Psalms. Start by reading Psalms 1 and 2 aloud. What do you remember about the five books of the Psalms and what they have to say about the story of God’s people?
  • How is our story—on this side of Jesus’ death and resurrection—similar to and different from the story being told in the Psalms? How might this inform our engagement with the Psalms as followers of Jesus?


  • Consider the categories of Orientation—Disorientation—Reorientation. In which season do you currently find yourself? What does this mean about your current need for God? How might the Psalms inform how you relate to God during this season?


  • What story are you a part of? Do you resonate most deeply with the American Dream, your family history, the story of a particular culture or ethnicity or something else? Maybe it’s a more personal narrative (eg - “No one can love me” or “I never make mistakes,” etc.). How does this inform the way you see the world and make decisions?
  • How might the story of the Gospel both validate and challenge the story you’re currently living in?

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