August 28, 2016

Fighting Words

Speaker: Dean Macke Series: Playlist - Sampling the Psalms Topic: Topical Passage: Psalm 140:1–13



The Imprecatory Psalms: Praying Curses?




Protection from evil people (verse 1-5)

1 Samuel 24


Protection comes from God (verses 6,7)


Prayers for the destruction of enemies (verses 8–11)


Raw Emotion


Leaving it to God


Confidence of Justice (verses 12, 13)


Because of Jesus

Romans 12:20, 21




  • Read Psalm 140 aloud. What stands out to you as you hear it read? What phrases are especially encouraging? Which phrases raise questions in your mind? Discuss together.
  • Read Psalm 69, then Read Luke 6:27-35. How do Jesus’ words effect the way you view the imprecatory Psalms?


  • How do you naturally respond to your enemies and evil doers? Is your response similar to David’s in Psalm 140?
  • Do you feel comfortable speaking to God the way David does in Psalm 140, specifically verses 8-11? Why or why not?


  • When you think about the Christian difference in the way we should treat our enemies and those seeking our harm, how does that change the way you interact with those around you?
  • What things can you do in your closest communities to move toward relieving yourself of the desire for vengeance and giving it to God?

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