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Luke 4:1-30: "The Spirit of The Lord is upon me..."

February 10, 2019 Speaker: James Fields Series: Luke: Encountering Jesus, The Origin Story

Topic: Exposition Scripture: Luke 4:16–4:30

Luke 4:16-30: “The Spirit of the Lord is Upon me …”

     What does it mean to Walk in the Spirit?

     Walk in the Identity of the Spirit (v.16-22)

     Walk in the Authority of the Spirit (v.23-27) 

     Walk in the Power of the Spirit (v.28-20)

Discipleship Guide & Reflection Questions

  • Reading this week: Luke chapters 21 and 22
  • Questions for Reflection/Discussion:


  • We now enter the narrative of Jesus’ betrayal, arrest and crucifixion. Consider the events of Luke 22. What stands out most to you about Jesus in these scenes? What do you freshly discern about God, as you consider Jesus’ actions and reactions in this series of events? Take your time with this question and be as specific as possible.


  • There is much complexity in Jesus’ teaching in Luke 21. However, what is clear is that Jesus is coming again to judge the world and make all things new. When you think about the Second Coming of Jesus, what images come to mind? Is it something you look forward to with anticipation? Why or why not? Do you think your attitude toward the Second Coming is “right”? Why or why not?
  • Discuss how you’re progressing with your “Rule of Life” and the current challenges related to our pursuit of Missional Hospitality.


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