Sunday Gathering at 10 a.m. 

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Jesus: Son of Abraham, Son of David

November 27, 2016 Speaker: Scott C. Jones Series: Come Thou Long Expected Jesus

Topic: Topical Scripture: Matthew 1:1–1:17




Come Thou Long Expected Jesus




Christmas and the Story of God


Jesus and the Story of God

Son of David, Son of Abraham


Our Role in the Story of God


Dysfunction in the Family Tree


Identifying with the People of God




  • Read aloud the Old Testament passages referenced on Sunday (Genesis 12:1-3 and 2 Samuel 7:8-16). Read three verses each until you’re done. Hearing these passages again, what stands out to you about the identity of Jesus in relation to these promises?
  • What is your favorite thing about the Christmas season? What is the hardest thing about this season for you?
  • What was the most surprising thing to you about Jesus’ genealogy? Why was it surprising?


  • Read Hebrews 2:10-18. What is the significance of Jesus’ identification with his “brothers” according to this passage? What does it mean to you personally that Jesus is not ashamed to call you a brother or sister?


  • What practical steps could you take during this Advent season to more closely identify with those brothers and sister in Christ you’d normally avoid or ignore?
  • Discuss the opportunity to contribute to “Generous Christmas” together. What are you excited about in this year’s initiative?
  • End your time by praying for a renewed sense of gratitude and hope during this Advent season. Be specific in what that might look like for you.


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