Sunday Gathering at 10 a.m. 

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Jesus: Son of God, True Israel

December 18, 2016 Speaker: Scott C. Jones Series: Come Thou Long Expected Jesus

Topic: Topical Scripture: Matthew 2:13–2:15, Hosea 11:1–11:9


     Come Thou Long Expected Jesus


     The Old Testament Story

          Israel, God’s Firstborn

     Fulfilled by Jesus

          Israel of One

     Our Response

          Humble Progress




  • Read aloud the passages referenced on Sunday (Matthew 2:13-15 and Hosea 11:1-9). Hearing these passages again, what stands out to you about the identity of Jesus? How does Jesus “fulfill” the story of Israel?
  • Has a friend ever faithfully exposed an area of your life that needed change? Did you actually take steps to change? What factors allowed you to hear their input and act on it?


  • What does it mean personally to you that Jesus has entered the human story and succeeded where everyone else has failed? Why is that significant?
  • Have you seen meaningful change in the lives of one another? Take some time to point out those areas and speak life into each others’ “humble progress.”


  • Read Hebrews 4:14-16. Share two areas of weakness/struggle that you’re currently aware of in your life. Seek each other’s input for the ways in which you can engage these things. Finally, pray for God’s help in transforming these patterns and thank him for the progress you’ve identified in one another’s lives.

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