Sunday Gathering at 10 a.m. 

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Clash of Temples

March 5, 2017 Speaker: James Fields Series: His Story, Our Story

Topic: Exposition Scripture: Acts 5:17–6:7


     2016 "Word of the Year": _____________________


     New Temple vs. Old Temple
          Where is the temple of God?

     Why is the Gospel so offensive? (v.30)
          The story of Jesus is incomplete without the story of the church

          The story of the church continues the story of Jesus

          The story of Jesus sets the pattern for the story of the church

     What is the root of unbelief? (v.33)

     How not to respond to opposition (vv.17-42)

     How to respond to opposition (vv.29-32, 6:1-7)




  • Read aloud the text from Sunday (Acts 5:17-6:7). What do you remember most? What impacted you the most?
  • Compare the different expressions (causes of emotion) between the Apostles (Acts 5:29-32) and the Sanhedrin (Acts 5:17-42).
  • As the number of disciples increased, what practical needs began to present themselves (Acts 6:1-6)? How did the twelve respond to the needs of the church? What does their response tell you about the role of the Holy Spirit in the life of the church?


  • As you observe the work of the Holy Spirit throughout our passage, what actions should we/could we imitate at JWell?
  • Have you ever encountered internal and/or external opposition when you attempted to proclaim the message of Jesus? Explain. Is it more difficult for you to deal with internal or external opposition?
  • Re-read Gamaliel's response to the Sanhedrin (esp. vv. 38-39). Knowing that Christianity has not only survived, but is thriving in our world today-what new hope/new perspective does this give you as a Christian? How and why does this affirm your faith?


  • Our response to the Gospel determines our allegiance to it". Where in your life, are you not living as if Jesus is the King of the universe? Where is God calling you to be bold?
  • It is true that "doubt often leads to defeat" in the life of the believer? Where in your life is it hard to believe God? Why? In what specific ways can "we" (the group) pray for you?
  • Has God ever used someone like Gamaliel to fight on your behalf? If he/she is still alive make sure to call/email that person to thank them this week. If they’re not alive, take the time to God thank for the influence that person has served in your life. Is there anyone in your life whom God is calling you to fight for in a similar way?

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