Sunday Gathering at 10 a.m. 

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Luke 10:1-20: I Saw Satan Fall Like Lightning

April 7, 2019 Speaker: Jonathan Sgalambro Series: Luke: Encountering Jesus, Discipleship

Topic: Exposition Scripture: Luke 10:1–10:20

Luke 10:1-20 - I Saw Satan Fall Like Lightning

     Introduction (vv. 1-16)

     The Seventy-Two Rejoice (v. 17)

     More than Meets the Eye (vv. 18, 19)

     Our Names are Written in Heaven (v. 20)

Discipleship Guide & Reflection Questions

Week 7

This week we are discussing the skill of fighting cleanly. Rather than passively “keeping the peace” or aggressively demanding our way, the call of Jesus is to make true, abiding, restorative peace. Such a pursuit does not come naturally to most of us. We need to learn new skills and embrace a new posture toward peace-making in order to respond differently in the midst of conflict, disappointment and misunderstanding. We hope the passages below will draw you toward genuine, Christ-honoring peace-making in your own life and relationships. 


Day 1- Read Luke 6:41-45

  • Is there a situation in your life currently that has caused you to ignore the log in your own eye while focusing on the speck in someone else’s?
  • Pray that God would give you the courage to acknowledge your role in the situation you’ve just identified.

Day 2- Read Matthew 18:15-17

  • What stands out to you in Jesus’ teaching here?
  • Pray that God would give you the patience to follow this teaching today.

Day 3- Read James 1:19-20

  • Hold up your own relational patterns to the teaching of these verses. Be honest in your evaluation.
  • Spend some time asking God to give you patience in conflict.

Day 4-  Read 1 Peter 3:8-9

  • What word or phrase stands out to you in this passage?
  • Express to God why that is.

Day 5- Read 1 Corinthians 3:4-7

  • In what ways has your own definition and practice of love been most challenged by the Discipleship Course thus far?
  • Pray that God would deepen his work in that area of your life.


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