May 12, 2019

Joy and Generosity in Mission: “God Will Provide”

Speaker: James Fields Series: Luke: Encountering Jesus, Discipleship Topic: Exposition Passage: Genesis 22:1–18

Joy and Generosity in Mission: “God Will Provide”

     He has provided (v.1-3)

     He is providing (v.4-8)

     He will provide (v.9-14)

     His now provision (v.15-18)

Discipleship Guide & Reflection Questions

Launching questions

  • Can you remember a time when God clearly provided for you? Share that story and the lessons you believe God was seeking to teach you through that experience.


  • Return to the story in Genesis 22. What do you find most surprising in this story? Do you resonate at all with Abraham’s decision to keep obeying God in spite of the nature of His command? Why or why not?
  • As we discussed on Sunday, this story should remind us of God’s ultimate provision in Jesus. In what ways does God’s willingness to pay the ultimate cost encourage you toward obedience today? Be specific in your response.


  • In what areas of your life are you most often tempted to doubt God’s provision (eg - finances, relationships, career, etc.)? Are you able to identify the source of that doubt and fear in your own story? Share openly and then pray into these areas for one another. Pray that God would replace doubt with trust and fear with confidence in His ability and willingness to provide.


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