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When teaching a new book in the Bible we develop an introduction that covers the background, authorship, context and main themes of the work. The following is a link to our introduction to the book of 1 Timothy.

The following is an introduction to the first letter to the Thessalonian church in the mid century CE. It covers various historical and cultural background issues as well as personal, theological themes in 1 Thessalonians.

A Brief Biographical Sketch of Jupiter Hammon one of the first published African American authors in the Americas.

A survey and introduction to the Old Testament Book of Judges. The redemptive historical setting, basic background and major theological themes in Judges

The following is a simple list of prayers uttered throughout the ages by Old Testament saints

A look at the Gospel of Matthew and the Sermon on the Mount found in Chapters 5-7.

What is the family and why should we be rooting for it? A discussion of humanity in community for the glory of God.

God has revealed himself to us in Scripture to have certain attributes to his nature.

Introducing basic narrative hermeneutics, studies of the Pentateuch and background issues for the Book of Exodus

A look at the Apostle Peter

Sojourner Truth - follower of Jesus, abolitionist, advocate for women's rights

An introduction to the Gospel of Mark

A brief treatment of the life and influence of Isaac Watts on the history and singing of hymns in the English speaking world.

Richard and Sundar discuss death and the coming reality of eternity

two friends discuss the biological, philosophical and theological nature of love

Two friends discuss the problem of suffering and the suckiness of people

Two friends discuss the ideas of perfection and ontological goodness

Two friends discuss the religious nature and sense of the divine in human beings

Two friends discuss the universe together

An introduction to the usefulness of our questions in growing in faith, confidence and the defense of the historic Christian faith

A short introduction to the canonical gospels

In our world human beings struggle deeply with various fears, concerns and anxieties. This essay is a brief discussion of these things and how they are related to our trust in God.

Jesus Christ is the most unique figure in all of human history. He was fully God and fully human in one person.

Is the future determined? Is there any such thing as destiny? What do various worldviews say to us about this matter?

Have we fulfilled Friedrich Nietzsche's imagination by creating sacred games to distract us from the emptiness of life without God?

An introduction to Ecclesiastes connecting authorship, literary genres, purpose and overall message of the book.

Why the judgment of God is right and good and why we must understand this in order to grasp the significance of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Thoughts on God, suffering and the gospel of Jesus Christ

God has given us authority in our lives for our good and his glory. There is authority in the family, the church and civil government that has been ordained and instituted by God.

An interaction with questions and issues surrounding the interplay of science, the book of Genesis and the biblical doctrine of creation.

A brief summary of historical understandings of the Lord's Table

Ways in which we come to the Lord's Table as a church

A discussion of baptism and its relationship to the new covenant. We take a look at whether the sign of the new covenant should be applied at birth or the new birth.

The importance of our practice of gathering each week for worship

Sharing the gospel with others

A short guide to help us connect regularly with the sacred Scriptures.

In God's grace and kindness he has given his people certain rhythms and spiritual practices in life in order to transform us and develop deep relationship with Him and one another.

Each year a peculiar celebration takes place among many people. Green clothes are worn, green beer is imbibed and strange stories about snakes being chased out of Ireland are told. Shamrocks abound and leprechauns seem to jump out from behind every bush. People are pinched for not participating in the fashion of the day and parades are thrown in the name of a man who lived long ago. To someone who is Irish it is a special day of pride and cultural identification; ironically many use it as an excuse to get really drunk.1 Yes, I am speaking of March 17th, St. Patrick's Day. Strangely, few people know much about the man whose name adorns the day...

A short summary of the life of the pioneering African American preacher Lemuel Haynes (1753–1833)A short summary of the life of the pioneering African American preacher Lemuel Haynes (1753–1833)A short summary of the life of the pioneering African American preacher Lemuel Haynes (1753–1833)

Looking at the teaching of Scripture regarding the use and abuse of alcohol

An introduction to the wisdom literature and the book of Proverbs

Why do we not always do what we want? Or do we?

A brief look two views of life, consequences and eternity

The Old Testament cleanliness codes point forward to the coming Christ who would sanctify a people for himself. Jesus is crucified outside of the camp to bring people to God and call us forward in sacrificial mission.

A biblical meditation on being rich or poor in light of the Kingdom of God.

Looking at the identity of Jesus and how we encounter him in the gospels...

A biblical meditation on marriage.

How should we use our words? Good question, read on.

An Essay on the Imitation of God...

Three tough questions when wrestling with God

What is the Church? This article looks at the church as a people called to God through the gospel, transformed with him as they grow together and sent into the world on mission to represent for Jesus.

A wrestling with the biblical practice of prayer

A short introduction to the biblical book of Ephesians for contemporary readers.

A look at the historical reality of the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth

Throughout history, followers of Jesus have served faithfully under various forms of government and political regimes. This essay is a small treatment encouraging us to remain faithful to Christ in whatever circumstance or rule we find ourselves under.